Your ultimate solution for tube cutting performance


Unlock the full potential of your tube cutting operations with the TUBE HT Pro saw blade.

With cutting speeds up to 330 m/min at very high feed rates, the PVD coated carbide tipped TUBE HT Pro is your optimal solution for high volume and high tensile tube applications.

It has specifically been designed for cutting all types of high tensile tubes with a high output and will perform at its best at tensile strengths between 1,000 – 1,500 N/mm2 at a wide range of demanding tube applications and steel grades. Typical products are drive shafts, twist beams, camshafts, suspensions and differentials.

Achieve an almost flawless surface finish that meets the highest standards of your industry and minimize or avoid post-machining, therefore saving cycle time and tool costs.

* Only available in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States


  • Suitable for all types of tubes
  • Specifically designed for cutting high tensile tubes with a high output
  • Higher blade life, especially when cutting higher tensile strength tubes
  • Very high feed rates
  • Because the cut surface is as close to the end stage as possible, you will minimize or avoid post-machining, save cycle time and tool costs.


  • Cutting high tensile tubes with high output (best performing between 1,000 – 1,500 N/mm2)
  • Cutting speeds up to 330 m/min
  • Tooth load: 0,035 – 0,20 mm/tooth
  • When focussing on output, using high parameters is advised. Please note, this does come at the expense of blade life.
  • When focussing on blade life, using regular parameters is advised.

TUBE HT Pro is ideally suited for cutting large volumes of high-tensile steel, as used primarily in the automotive industry.
Typical applications include:

  • Seating components, headrests
  • Sleeves, cylinders, bushings
  • Drive shafts, side shafts, half shafts
  • Twistbeam
  • Chassis / body structures, stabilizer bars, instrumental panel beams
  • Camshafts, piston rods
  • Suspensions, shock absorber parts
  • Steering mechanics
  • Fittings, couplings
  • Differentials

Typical steel grades:

  • Carbon steel (E355 +C)
  • High Carbon, high tensile
  • ‘Sticky’ materials
  • High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)
  • Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)
  • Manganese (Mn) alloyed
  • Boron (B) alloyed
  • Docol (SSAB)
  • Dual Phase (DP, ArcelorMittal)
  • XPF grades (Tata)
  • Specifically: 22MnB5 / 26MnB5 / 27MnB5 , 34CrMo4 / 34CrMo4-HC / 34CrMo4-LC / 34MnB5 , MW1000L / MW700L


Typical machines

Manufacturer Machine type
Rattunde ACS
RSA Rasacut
Sinico Top
Bewo DCH / SCF (single/double)
Soco SA series
Adige / BLM TS/CM series



Bore hole
Pinholes No. of teeth (Z)
315 2,3/2,0 32 4/9/50 4/12/64 100
315 2,3/2,0 32 4/9/50 4/12/64 120
315 2,3/2,0 40 2/9/55 4/12/64 100
315 2,3/2,0 40 2/9/55 4/12/64 120
350 2,7/2,5 50 4/16/80 100
350 2,7/2,5 50 4/16/80 120
350 2,7/2,5 50 4/16/80 140