Orbital flying cut-off – Stainless steel


The TubeMaster Stainless saw blade has specifically been developed for cutting stainless steel tubes on orbital flying cut-off units.

These saw blades can cope with cutting speeds between 60 – 120 m/min.

TubeMaster Stainless offers high uptime due to a blade life up to 3,5 m2, combined with high cut quality and production output.


  • Orbital flying cut-off applications
  • Suggested cutting speed: 60 – 120 m/min
  • Feed: 0.035 – 0.10 mm/tooth
  • TubeMaster Stainless saw blades are available for all orbital cutting machines.

Note: To accomodate higher requirements of line speed or reduce vibration level, much higher cutting speeds (up to 600 m/min) can be applied. Tooth load can be raised , while respecting max fill ratio of 10% during entry. Respect max cut depth of 3mm.